Panasonic SC-ALL6 40W Multi-Room Speaker


This is a brilliant bluetooth speaker, really versatile, great sound, loud and clear. Like new condition with all original packaging. Details below;

If you love music and never want it to stop, then you need the ALL6. With two preset buttons at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to listen to the music you love. The ALL6 can also be connected to all your other ALL Connected speakers via the easy to use Panasonic Music Streaming App, and can stream music from a huge range of music sources.

The ALL Connected Audio system is a group of devices you can network wirelessly for seamless multi-room playback of almost any audio source, from your smart device, digital music library, CDs or music subscription service. Options include the ALL9, ALL6, ALL05 and ALL2 Speakers, ALL5CD and ALL7CD Micro HiFI systems, PMX100 high-resolution HiFi, ALL70T home cinema Soundbar, ALL30T Soundbase and finally the ALL1C Connect Device: which can upgrade your existing audio equipment to make it compatible with any other ALL Connected device.

Listen to the music you love wherever you are, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even outdoors. The ALL Connected family is flexible enough to play almost any music source you like. Digital music collections on your smart device or NAS drive, DAB, Internet, FM Radio, CDs, AUX and even TV sound are supported. The updated Panasonic Music Streaming App is better than ever before, giving you the flexibility to enjoy the original features and re-streaming functions.

Bluetooth / It’s never been easier to listen to the music you love, all through your home. Stream your favourite radio station and digital track directly, or use your Bluetooth enabled smart devices to effortlessly stream music from YouTube or your preferred subscription service. Plus the ALL Connected Audio system works seamlessly, putting you in control to easily re-stream music wherever you are in your home.



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