Men”s perfume Creed Royal Mayfair 100ml vapo spray


Men’s perfume Creed Royal Mayfair 100ml vapo spray

No citrus fruit but flowers that instead of blossoming explode in the first chords with more powerful shock waves than an oud solo. A long-lasting stunning oscillating between the indolic and the suave which smells like tuberose jasmine and rose. This is how Royal Mayfair the new creation of Creed premiered in Italian on the occasion of the first anniversary of the mono-brand boutique in Milan opened an event that saw the participation of Erwin Creed. A departure with flowers. There would be nothing strange in such an opening except that Royal Mayfair is a masculine scent that wants to be a tribute to a character of the twentieth century that many judged a madman someone a very brave man: the Prince of Wales then King Edward VIII and subsequently Duke of Windsor who renounced the crown of the United Kingdom for reasons of heart. And the reasons were called Wallis Simpson. He chose love instead of the throne but despite having no crown he became the king of the British style. Absolute Arbiter Elegantiae has gone down in history as one of the most elegant men of the twentieth century. Endowed with a very refined taste it was courageous even in the sartorial choices. To him we owe the famous tie knot “to the Windsor” to wear with the tab collar his other invention the tuxedo jacket and the double-breasted jacket. And then the casual cut of the trousers with the leg wider than the classic tube and the collar of soft shirt that the Duke adopted in contrast to the fashion of the era that imposed starched hills.